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A methodology for greater Executive involvement and major cost savings. JBTGlobal are experts in integration of Information Technology (IT), Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capability. In most organisations, IT is a support function rather than a product, but it is a critical dependency for delivering business objectives. It is necessary that the business should specify

Internationally accredited trainers, each with more than 20 year’s individual experience. JBTGlobal offers a comprehensive range of business continuity related training options that can be tailored to meet individual client needs. All JBTGlobal trainers have formal training qualifications and are subject matter experts. Courses range from basic awareness and education through to formally accredited courses.

Expert advice and assistance provided by internationally accredited auditors. Risk management is governed by legal and regulatory obligations set to protect the interests of stakeholders, whether they are the shareholders, the public, the organisation, employees or the national interest. JBTGlobal can tailor assessments and reviews that independently report on an organisations management of its various

Extensive international experience managing complex and demanding projects across multiple disciplines. JBTGlobal offers expert services in Project and Program Management. Our personnel are trained and experienced in the implementation of internationally recognised project methodology. We specialise in projects with critical business outcomes and can combine our contingency management expertise within the conduct of time critical

Global award winning consultants offering international best practice business resilience solutions. JBTGlobal offers a range of Business Continuity Management (BCM) services customised to your individual business needs. We can work for you to produce end-to-end Business Continuity Plans, or work with your people to mentor achievement of a robust business continuity capability. Business Continuity Mentoring

Effective and sustainable management solutions based on ‘real life’ extensive practical experience and expertise. Crisis and emergency management involves the establishment and maintenance of immediate response procedures and crisis management architecture. It focuses on preservation of life, damage containment and securing of assets. Emergency responses are drilled and carefully documented and the roles within the

International best practice methods for understanding and mitigating risks that have the potential to impact brand, reputation and critical business outputs. Understanding the risks that have the potential to adversely impact your people, assets, infrastructure and operations is vital in achieving desired business outcomes. JBTGlobal can assist your organisation with strategic and operational risk assessments