“The Best BCM course I have attended by far. A well structured, logical course which was so helpful in assisting me to achieve my goals. I would have no doubts in recommending the course, which is beneficial to beginners or people with experience wishing to develop further. It is delivered by an experienced BC Practitioner who balances the content of the course really well with a practical and holistic approach. Thank you JBTGlobal.”
Sarah Lister, Derbyshire Police

“I have been involved in the business continuity world for a number of years. It was completely refreshing to step away from business as usual and take a detailed look at the BCI standards. I would thoroughly recommend David James-Brown as a facilitator. His engaging style and straightforward approach held attention and focused thoughts.”
Dawn Constable, John Lewis Partnership, UK

“A very professional and well structured course suitable for both business continuity newcomers and experienced practitioners alike. The training included many practical examples of how the material can be applied in real situations, and encouraged sharing of ideas among course participants. This is an essential course for anyone involved in business continuity management and will be of immediate value.”
Andrew Johnson, Security Operations Manager, The British Library

“Although the subject matter was new to me, I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to attend this course should not hesitate, you will find that there are many things that we can learn not only related to how we manage the disruption or disaster but also how we behave in facing it …..”
Rinardi Rusman, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia

“I found the course content relevant and practical, with interesting real world examples and applications shared by the facilitators and course participants alike. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to develop, expand or challenge their BCM knowledge base.”
Matt Henderson, Director Business Continuity, National Australia Bank

“A well structured outcomes based course facilitated by an experienced BCM practitioner. The balance of theory, practical exercises and sharing of experiences by attendees and facilitator alike ensured a valuable learning experience for all regardless of prior BCM knowledge”.
Trent Payer, BC Coordinator, BNP Paribas Securities Services Pty Ltd

“An excellent course for both the inexperienced people new to BCM as well as the experienced people with excellent interaction and collaberation for all involved. I would highly recommend JBTGlobal to any person or organization wishing to embark or increase their BCM knowledge and capability from your courses and engagement”.
Steven Cvetkovic ITIL, South Pacific Principal Hewlett-Packard Company

“JBT’s BCI Business Continuity training provided a complimentary and holistic approach to BCP in an environment that encouraged healthly information exchange. IT is so intrinsically a part of doing business today that possessing a knowledge of Business Continuity beyond just IT Disaster Recovery Planning is an essential part of being a successful CIO or Data Centre Manager.”
Sally Parker, Business Continuity Consultant

“After more than 30 years service in the Queensland Police Service, and having attended numerous emergency response exercises, this is the best desktop exercise I have been involved in.” (Business Continuity Desktop Exercise, Central Queensland Port Authority, Gladstone Port)
Senior Sergeant, Queensland Police Service, Special Operations

“One of the most rewarding courses I have attended. The content followed a logical flow and whilst challenging was balanced with team based exercises and an interactive style which optimised attendee involvement and alertness. Engagement and motivation levels were reinforced by the prospect of the Friday BCI Certification Exam.”
Gareth J. Evans, BCM Analyst, AMP Risk & Compliance

“I have been involved in Business Continuity for two years and found the BCI Certification Course was well worth attending. It reinforced the Good Practice Guidelines and i learnt so much that I have been able to bring back to my role as Business Continuity Programme Manager. Paul Trebilcock is an excellent facilitator. The course was well planned out and presented by him over the week. There were plenty of example questions at the end of each session which really helped to reinforce the days learning. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is involved in business continuity.”
Cari Ramsay, BC Programme Manager, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

“The course delivered by JBTGlobal allowed me to align my ‘on the job’ experience of Business Continuity with the BCI ‘Good Practice Guidelines’, a vital step in ensuring that BCM ‘best practice’ could be implemented at my organisation. The presenters added value to this experience by contributing their own knowledge and anecdotes. This ensured a high level of engagement and interest throughout the 5 days.”
Kelvin Engellenner, Consultant