IT Risk and Disaster Recovery

A methodology for greater Executive involvement and major cost savings.

JBTGlobal are experts in integration of Information Technology (IT), Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capability. In most organisations, IT is a support function rather than a product, but it is a critical dependency for delivering business objectives.

It is necessary that the business should specify its technology recovery timeframes but the interdependencies, jargon and ever-changing concepts that define IT systems make it difficult for non-IT professionals to make the necessary decisions.

Shorter recovery timeframes require a larger investment, for this reason, technology dependency needs to be articulated at the Business Impact level. JBTGlobal’s BIA integration methodology has been adopted around the world by dozens of organisations of all sizes. These organisations benefit from unambiguous exposure information for informed decision making. Our methodology translates technical recovery times into business impact at any level in the organisation. This allows investment decisions on technical recovery to be made by business leaders rather than relying on technology personnel to assess the business imperatives of systems. Equally as important, it doesn’t require executive teams to be experts in technology to make informed technology resilience decisions.

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